What We Believe

Skipping The Lactose Doesn’t Mean Skipping The Flavor.

A Cream Cheese For Everyone

We believe that every bagel deserves a good schmear. And we believe that those with lactose sensitivities should never have to compromise or miss out.

That’s why we’re committed to creating lactose free cheese alternatives that everyone can enjoy. An alternative cream cheese with all the flavor, creaminess, and spreadability you expect from traditional cream cheese, but with none of the lactose—that’s the Nurishh cream cheese way.

Championing New Possibilities

After two generations of cheesemaking in Saint-Nazaire, France, the Jouault family began pioneering in the field of cheese alternatives. After some early successes, Bel Brands, the makers of Babybel®, The Laughing Cow®, and Boursin®, acquired the the Jouaults’ company and re-named the new brand Nurishh.

Today, more people than ever are seeking alternatives to traditional cheeses, including lactose free cheese options. That’s why Bel Brands is on a mission to expand consumer choices with our Nurishh Lactose Free Cream Cheese Alternative.

A Commitment to taste & Texture

Many cream cheese alternatives fall short with it comes to matching the taste and texture of traditional cheese. But we’re on a mission to change all of that. Our cream cheese alternative is every bit as creamy and flavorful as traditional cream cheese. Plus it’s a lactose and gluten free cream cheese free of soy, antibiotics and hormones.

how it’s made

The Best of Both Worlds

Lactose Free

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, slightly sensitive, or just enjoy feeling a little lighter, you no longer need to compromise on your cream cheese. With Nurishh, everyone can savor the flavor!

Fresh Taste

Our flavorful cream cheese alternatives have the fresh taste you’d expect from any high quality cream cheese. Rich and satisfying on your favorite bagel, or as a flavorful ingredient in many tasty lactose free recipes.

Smooth & Creamy

Texture can make or break a cream cheese, and our Nurishh cream cheese gets it just right. Smooth, creamy, and easy to spread, our lactose free cream cheese alternative is pure indulgent perfection.